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Our story

We live in a plastic world. Think about how many plastic objects you use in a day. Virtually everything is made from plastic; from your toothbrush to your shopping bags. Nearly everything that is sold today, is packaged in plastic. Plastic is everywhere, and 98% of all this plastic is made using oil or gas.

Not only is plastic everywhere, it is here to stay. Every single piece of plastic that you have ever used is likely to still be somewhere on this planet! Most plastics easily take hundreds of years to degrade. They often are unsafe, end up in a landfill (abroad) or are incinerated; both heavily taxing on our planet.

Yet, alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based plastics hardly see application. Bio-materials comprise less than two percent of the annual nearly 400-million-ton global plastic production.

Why? Bio-materials replacing conventional plastics used to be far more expensive than conventional plastic. Until now.

Plantics aims to be a game-change solution for the global plastic problems and a safe enabler of CO2 emission reduction.


Plantics Biomaterials are based on a revolutionary invention by the University of Amsterdam which resulted in a unique new type of thermoset bio-resins.

These resins are produced out of waste material from plants and are the first 100% bio-based thermosetting resins in the world! Because plants capture CO2 from the air, our resins are also CO2 negative. Furthermore, our bio-resins are safe and most of our raw materials are available on an industrial scale in Europe.

Plantics develops new, completely circular composites, foams and coatings. In close collaboration with partners, these materials are used to develop high quality, circular and CO2 negative products for a variety of applications.

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In close cooperation with industrial partners Plantics develops circular and CO2 negative products based on their SUPERIOR NATURAL MATERIALS. Subsequently these partners manufacture these products and bring them to the market.

Plantics develops bio-resins and new materials, co-develops new products and production processes, manufactures new products on pilot scale, and gives product and production support to their partners. Furthermore, Plantics produces the bio-resins and intermediate materials.

For example, in close cooperation with Vepa the Hemp-chair has been developed; a chair with a shell from our biomaterial made of Dutch hemp fibers and Plantics bio-resin.

The Hemp-chair is the first furniture being 100% plant based, recyclable and even CO2 negative….

Superior: mechanical properties, wear resistance, full 3D forming flexibility, patented

Natural: 100% bio based, safe, local, CO2 storage, recyclable, with a natural look and feel

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About us

Plantics B.V., founded in 2014, is a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam and builds on a revolutionary invention of this University. This has resulted in a unique group of 100% biobased thermoset resins and the world’s first 100% biobased thermoset materials. Together with its partners, Plantics develops high-quality, circular and CO2 negative products. Plantics is recognized as one of the most promising biomaterial companies.
In 2021, Plantics together with its partner Vepa, was elected as winner of the global innovation award "Renewable Material of the Year 2021" in a competition organized by the German nova-Institute. In the same year, the Dutch business newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad positioned Plantics as nr 1. most promising Climate start-up company in the Netherlands.
Plantics is a team of specialists driven by the ambition to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Plantics strongly believe in the driving power of a team that combines the values: lets just do it, do it together, trust each other and have fun. Plantics wants to be a gamechanger.

Are you interested in working with us? We are always looking for new talent! Please keep an eye on this site, as we will be posting vacancies here for work and internships.

We are particularly interested in people with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial design, Material Engineering, Chemistry / Chemical Engineering and Marketing / Commerce. Open enquiries are also welcome.

Plantics' team - December 2022.


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