In close cooperation with industrial partners Plantics develops circular and CO2 negative products based on their SUPERIOR NATURAL MATERIALS. Subsequently these partners manufacture these products and bring them to the market.

Plantics develops bio-resins and new materials, co-develops new products and production processes, manufactures new products on pilot scale, and gives product and production support to their partners. Furthermore, Plantics produces the bio-resins and intermediate materials.

Hemp High and Hemp Fine

The Hemp-Fine chair and Hemp-High barstool have been developed in close cooperation with Vepa. Both its shells are made from Plantics biomaterials, and consist of Dutch hemp fibers and Plantics bio-resin. The seats are 100% plant-based, recyclable and absorb CO2. Something that has never been possible before.

Superior: mechanical properties, wear resistance, full 3D forming flexibility, patented.

Natural: 100% biobased, safe, local, CO2 storage, recyclable, with a natural look and feel.

Click here to watch the full video about how the Hemp Collection is made.

Hemp panels

Using bio-based thermosetting resins and hemp, we created a unique bio composite. Our hemp panels are currently being used in construction, specifically for cladding and interior design, but can also be used for other applications. In 2021, a specially designed sustainable house was built, using Plantics hemp panels on inside and outside wall finishing.

Superior: breathable, healthy, high strength impact, durable.

Natural: 100% biobased, safe, local, CO2 storage, recyclable, with a natural look and feel.

Natural Traffic Sign

verkeersbord hr groep

The Plantics 3D shapable hemp composite can be used for signposts or signboards, for interior as well as exterior usage. An example is the Natural Traffic Sign that has been developed in close cooperation with our partner HR Groep Streetcare. The Natural Traffic Sign is made of 100% natural hemp composite with raw materials that are harvested and processed locally. It is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to an aluminium traffic sign and any fossil-based solutions that exist today.

Superior: durability, weather resistance, natural look, lightweight, recyclable, non-toxic binder.

Natural: 100% plant-based, fossil free, circular, CO2 storage, ‘Milieu Kosten Indicator' MKI close to zero, local.

Serving tray

serving tray

A serving tray made from hemp fibers and our unique plant based binders. Available in a range of colors and finished with a water-repellent biocoating.

Superior: strong, light weight, natural look and feel.

Natural: 100% plant-based, local, CO2-negative, food contact safe, recyclable.

DOPA plant pots

Plant pots made from recycled paper and Plantics bio-resins. These beautiful pots are fully compostable and at the same time suited for large-scale automated cultivation in green houses.

Superior: one pot suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and use in homes and gardens.

Natural: made of recycled paper and Plantics bio-resins, home compostable, up to 50% CO2-reduction, natural look and feel.