Traffic sign

verkeersbord hr groep

A recyclable and natural traffic sign, developed with our partner HR Groep. The traffic sign is made of 100%-natural composite with raw materials that we harvest and process locally. It is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to the aluminium traffic sign.

Superior: expected lifetime of 20 years, natural look, lightweight, non-toxic binder

Natural: 100% plant-based, fossil free, circular, CO₂-negative, local

Serving tray

serving tray

A serving tray as you’ve never seen before: made from hemp fibers and our unique plant based binders. Available in a range of colours and finished with a water-repellent  biocoating.

Superior: strong, light weight, natural look and feel

Natural: 100% plant -based, local, CO₂-negative, food contact safe, recyclable

Plant pots


Plant pots made from natural, mostly recycled materials. Biodegradable and therefore suitable for composting. And perfectly suited to large-scale, automated cultivation.

Superior: one pot suitable for cultivation, sales and consumption in homes and gardens

Natural: made of natural, mostly recycled materials, biodegradable, compostable, up to 50% CO₂-reduction, natural look and feel

Greengridz Hemp

Greengridz panel

The Greengridz Hemp is a strong, lightweight, material-saving tabletop that we developed with our partner TRIBOO. The innovative, natural construction panel is made of Dutch hemp fibers and a 100% plant based binder.

Superior: lightweight, natural look and feel, scratch resistant, based, zero formaldehyde

Natural: plant-based, fully recyclable, local, CO₂-negative