Plantics receives grant for React-EU project DemoBioProductie (PROJ-01075)

The Management Autoriteit EFRO Oost-Nederland (OP Oost) has decided to grant approximately €1M for the project DemoBioProductie, which will be carried out by the two partners Plantics B.V and EromesMarko B.V. Why DemoBioProductie? The project DemoBioProductie will focus on circular composites. The main advantages of composites compared to conventional materials are the higher strength-to-weight ratio,…

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Plantics at the Greener Manufacturing show November 2021

Plantics at the Greener Manufacturing show November 2021 Cologne – Germany Plantics was happy to be present at the Greener Manufacturing Show 2021; Europe’s leading event for sustainable manufacturing solutions and biobased materials. Plantics successfully develops natural, high quality, circular, and CO2 negative materials for a variety of applications. With it’s innovative materials Plantics won,…

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PLANTICSINSIDE: Developing Plant Pots

Biobased Plantics plant pots - Plantics Inside

  Reducing plastic waste and lowering CO2 emissions is a top priority of the EU. New legislation forces industries to use alternatives to fossil-based plastics. The PlanticsInside project funded by the EU SME program, aims to develop new materials and production processes and develop applications together with strong (market) partners. Why PlanticsInside? Reducing plastic waste…

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