Happy holidays

Plantics Christmas tree from biobased materials /waste from the lab

The Plantics Christmas tree is made entirely from leftovers from our lab. Happy holidays.

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Plantics and Vepa: Renewable Material of the Year 2021

We are very proud to announce that Plantics has won, together with our partner VEPA the furniture factory, the Innovation award “Renewable material of the Year 2021” at the Renewable Materials Conference 2021. This is a global competition which ended with 6 finalists, leaving Plantics & Vepa as the ultimate winner. This prestigious award is…

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PLANTICS proudly participated in the innovationexpo2021

PLANTICS B.V. proudly participated via a livestream in the innovationexpo2021 with our trusted partners from the SUBLIEM TEAM (www.subliemteam.nl). The SUBLIEM TEAM consists of a group of companies that are all part of a circular chain in which local, bio-based raw materials, such as hemp and roadside grass, and Plantics bio-resins are used to develop…

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