Plantics in ‘Volkskrant’

Plantics in 'De Volkskrant, a leading Dutch newspaper

Recently, the leading Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ published two news items about Plantics innovations: NoWa kitchen and Hemp Chair.

Below you will find the articles in English

Moveable kitchen
Especially for social housing and offices, where a change of kitchen or pantry is still common, kitchen brand Nowa initiated the ‘No Waste Kitchen’. A kitchen system with an integrated back wall and easily replaceable parts. In other words: a kitchen that can be easily dismantled for once. You can also opt for natural panel material from the Plantics brand that uses organic waste as a basis.

Hemp chair
From hemp fibres, interior design company Vepa and partner Plantics are producing the shell of the ‘Hemp’ chair. Hemp was chosen because the plant grows in the Netherlands and needs hardly any water and no artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The chair is biodegradable, yet Vepa is happy to get it back at the end of its lifespan. You will then receive 15 euros and the shell can be pressed into a new one without the need for new raw materials, from 500 euros.

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