Highlighting the Hemp Collection at the Vepa event hosted by Plantics

Wridzer Bakker of Plantics gives a presentation to ambassadors of Vepa.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, the Vepa event took place at Plantics. Twenty ambassadors from Vepa’s dealer network attended the first in a series of in-depth knowledge sessions. The core theme of the day was ‘How bio is bio?’. We reflect on an inspiring afternoon filled with knowledge sharing and group discussions, with a special focus on the Hemp Collection by Plantics and Vepa.

The program
The afternoon kicked off with a lunch and a warm welcome, after which the attendees were given an exclusive sneak peek into the Hemp production facility. This was followed by several presentations from the involved parties:
– Vepa on the origin of the collaboration and the evolution of the collection.
– Hempflax provided insights into hemp as a raw material and its numerous uses.
– Plantics presented on the Superior Natural Materials used in the furniture of the collection.

Additionally, the ambassadors were provided with a guided tour of Plantics’ laboratory and demonstration areas. Furthermore, a group discussion took place on the topic of ‘How bio is bio?’. The afternoon concluded with a pleasant social gathering and drinks.

The Hemp Collection
In 2020, Plantics, in collaboration with partner Vepa, launched the Hemp Collection. The Hemp High and Hemp Fine chairs are the world’s first chairs with a seat shell made entirely from plant-based materials. The combination of Dutch hemp and Plantics bio-resin creates a remarkably robust material that is not only fully recyclable but also adheres to circular principles.

By generating increased awareness of the Hemp Collection among Vepa dealers, Plantics, Vepa and Hempflax aim to make the world a better and more sustainable place. This endeavor is driven by a commitment to benefiting both current and future generations.

Discover more about the Hemp Collection on Vepa.co.uk/hemp-collection.

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