Plantics receives grant for React-EU project DemoBioProductie (PROJ-01075)


The Management Autoriteit EFRO Oost-Nederland (OP Oost) has decided to grant approximately €1M for the project DemoBioProductie, which will be carried out by the two partners Plantics B.V and EromesMarko B.V.

Why DemoBioProductie?
The project DemoBioProductie will focus on circular composites. The main advantages of composites compared to conventional materials are the higher strength-to-weight ratio, higher freedom of shape and a longer lifetime. However, the recyclability of traditional composites is a major problem; these composites are generally incinerated or deposited. Therefore, there is an urgent need for circular composites.
Additionally, reducing CO2 emissions is also a top priority. This becomes possible by using biobased materials in composites that have a net CO2-storage.

What will be the aim of the project?
The aim of the DemoBioProductie-project is to demonstrate the production processes for 100% biobased, circular composite products in order to demonstrate industrial manufacturability and to create products which will ultimately support the market development. In this project, five different production processes will be demonstrated and four resulting products from these demonstrations will be used for the furniture industry (chair shells, table legs, lampshades and sandwich panels).

Progress and results of the project
The end result of this project is the demonstration of 4 production and 1 recycling line for circular biobased composites and their resulting products.
The Engineering Studies of the ‘Demo- Production lines’ have been finished as well as part of the Engineering. First units will be delivered in Q2 2022. The Demo-recycling process is still investigated. An engineering study is being planned for Q2 2022.

Partners working on DemoBioProductie
This project will be carried out by two partners; Plantics, located in Arnhem, and EromesMarko, located in Wijchen. Plantics is an SME whose main activity is to develop and to market applications for materials that contain the unique Plantics bioresins. EromesMarko is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of furniture and furnishing concepts, specifically for the education market. EromesMarko has one of the largest production facilities for school and project furniture in the Netherlands. EromesMarko also has its own product development department.

The project receives a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union

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