Ply Loop Chair by JorisLaarmanLab is based on Plantics resin


We are very proud that Dutch designstudio JorisLaarmanLab used our Plantics resin to shape their new Ply Loop Chair. The chair is currently on view in the show ‘under present conditions’ at the Friedman Benda Gallery in New York.

On their Instagram JorisLaarmanLab writes:
“Typically, plywood is a lot less ecologically friendly than you might think. The history of plywood (and other industrial wood based board), is in fact a story about glue. While there have been attempts to ameliorate its ecological impact, these glues are typically not biodegradable in natural circumstances; and most of the time they even turn faster into polluting micro-particles than traditional plastics do.

In our recent endeavor to turn truly symbiotic materials into awesome objects we became a partner in Plantics, a Dutch company with global ambitions to transform industry. Plantics invented an almost magical highly versatile resin that is not only non toxic (I tasted it), but also 100% plant based, fully recyclable and eventually biodegradable under natural conditions. Its outdoor durability is comparable to hard wood and it’s compounded of materials from the abundant regional agricultural waste streams, so it provides ecological benefit from the get-go.

But perhaps just as important, its awesome properties also allowed us to really push the boundaries of organic form in Plywood.”

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